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Ah yes it’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these!

Alright what can you guys win? Well it’s pretty simple!

1st Place

-A 3ds xl (in light pink, pictured above, been lightly used) with that you get Animal Crossing New Leaf and Kid Icarus, which are actually digital files on the 3DS!

-SNK jacket

-Flower crown (flower colors based off of your blog’s colors)

2nd Place

-SNK Jacket

-Flower crown (colors based off of your blog’s colors)

****10 additional winners will be picked and receive flower crowns*****


  1. This is only for my followers, so you must be following me.
  2. I ship international, but the 3DS was purchased in America so it will only work with American games. 
  3. The flowers on the flower crowns are fake so they will last you a life time! 
  4. You can like and reblog only once.
  5. Have fun and good luck!
  6. This give away is in no way sponsored by tumblr, everything is bought and shipped by me.

Good luck and win flower crowns like my senpai did!

Winners will be picked on July 1, 2014!!

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